Thoughts on the scale…

Hi friends! Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!!

My morning started out with a delicious peanut butter and chia seed waffle sandwich! It was deeeelicious!

photo (355)

I was crazy busy at work today and had to work through lunch so I didn’t get to squeeze in a midday workout but I will make up for it with a great run this evening with Mike!!

My lunch today was garlicky good! I made mini pizzas and dumped a little too much garlic powder on them…

photo (354)

I think I had a little too much FLAVA! I have been chewing minty gum all afternoon to minimize it.. YIKES.

I saw on Twitter today (follow me @nachoavgrunner) Janae asked how often people weigh themselves. Honestly, I don’t know if I do too much. Sometimes the number on the scale determines how I feel about myself for the day. On the other hand, it does keep me in check. It is an easy snowball effect to gain weight a little bit here and there and I do like to maintain my shape.

When looking into it today I came across a few articles on the topic that may interest you:

There are so many different theories and I can’t wait to see what Janae posts. This is a hot topic for a lot of people. I will say that used to be very obsessed with this. I would do it 2-3 times a day desperate to see a change. I know that is unhealthy now. It added a lot of pressure and stress to me that I didn’t need. I now only do it a few times a week first thing in the morning to get an accurate reading. I know this is a much better option for me rather than all the time, while it does help me maintain my awareness. However, I usually know if I am tipping the scale up based on how I feel and how my pants fit. It is pretty simple when it comes down to it and it is just a matter (for me at least) of mind over matter and taking control of my choices! 😉

Question of the day:

How often do you hop on the scale? Any tips?


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