A trip to Baja Fresh and Froyo!

Last night after work, I went right to the doctor to pick up my orthotics! I really hope these are the answer to all of my recent feet issues!! Over the next 2 weeks I will ease into wearing them on a regular basis!

When I got home, Mike and I set out for a nice 3 mile run! It was a beautiful day with just a little wind! I felt so good while we were going!

After our run, I showered and we went out to try a new to us restaurant. Ever been to Baja Fresh? First off, I loved the salsa bar and free chips we got with our meals. I am a nacho lover after all!

photo (360)

But, I have to say my Skinny Wahoo Bowl was not too great. The fish was dry and tasted very “fishy”. The restaurant was just “ok” and I am not sure we will go back or choose it over Chipotle any time soon.

photo (359)

Since we didn’t eat all of our meals, we thought a Froyo treat would brighten up the Wednesday night! It most certainly did!

photo (358)

Why is this so delicious!?

We finished out the evening relaxing and watching the episode of the Following from this week.

This morning my breakfast was another delicious PB, Chia, Banana Wafflewich! This was so good and kept me satisfied for hours!!

photo (357)

Lunch was also a repeat! Leftovers from the Confetti Mac the other day! Still good!

photo (356)

Tonight I am getting to CX Worx since I wasn’t able to make it on Tuesday. I also have another 3 mile run on the books!

I was able to get in my lunch time workout today and it was great! I started with 25 minutes on the elliptical to loosen up and followed it up with this awesome lower body circuit! The circuit took me about 15 minutes and I was wooorkinnnnn!!!

photo (4)

Question of the day:

What is your go to dessert treat?!


One thought on “A trip to Baja Fresh and Froyo!

  1. Oh man, I love Baja Fresh, especially a burrito bowl with ectra salsa and cilantro.

    Yesterday must have been a day for ice cream! We went out for McDonalds hot fudge sundaes. Yum.

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