An unexpected running buddy!

Happy Sunday friends! How have your weekends been?

Yesterday was a great day! I woke up bright and early and made some OMG pancakes that I’ve seen so many times on They turned out pretty awesome! Definitely easy and very satisfying! I thought the combo and texture would be weird but I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t bad!

photo (365)All this took was 2 eggs, 1 very ripe mashed banana, and a few dashes of cinnamon. I topped this with a tablespoon of peanut butter for some staying power! 🙂

I went to my CX Worx class in the morning and came home to do my four mile run. On the last mile I noticed I had a furry friend joining me on my run! The golden retriever just wanted to play so I had to pause my run and take him back to his house! He was so cute!

After my nice run I came home and quickly showered. I met my roommate from college downtown at a funky restaurant called Nacho Mamas… Would anything suit me more? This place is famous for their hubcap margaritas so of course we had to give it a whirl!

photo (364)
We had the best time catching up and talking over lunch! I didn’t want that time reminiscing to end!
But, again I had to be off! Mike and I had plans in the evening for our friend’s 25th birthday! We went out to dinner and had a really great time with everyone!

Today is such a beautiful day. Although its my rest day I still had to get outside. Mike coached a lacrosse game and I came to support! Although it was chilly and breezy, it was still so great to be out in the fresh air!

Question of the day:

What did you do today?!


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