Tasty Tuesday: Buffalo Chicken Quinoa

Hi Guys! Before I get to today’s new recipe I thought I would fill ya in on last night! When I got home from work I had a package waiting for me! I got my kit that I bought from the Zooma Race series that I am doing in June!!
photo (378)
photo (370)
Like my new hat!!??
photo (371)
I have never tried CytoMax before but it may be a good recovery drink when I begin to up my mileage again! (I CAN’T WAIT!) I also can’t wait to drink some of that vanilla cream Muscle Milk Light, I already own the chocolate but I am more of a vanilla gal!
Since the weather was so stunning yesterday I decided to go for my run before dinner! 3 miles, check!
My pacing was interesting on this one but I did learn one thing rom this run. Smiling makes me run faster!
My first mile was 8:22, second was 8:25 and my last mile was 8:12!! I am attributing this to the fact that a friend and her daughter drive past me running and waved very excitedly and cheered me on! I was super excited to see a happy face on my run and it definitely encouraged me to push myself!
photo (372)
My dinner last night was awesome. I could eat this every day! Sweet potato, grilled chicken, and green giant cheesy cauliflower. So satisfying!
photo (373)
Now onto the recipe!!!
Last night I decided to try to make Buffalo Chicken Quinoa for today’s lunch! It turned out really good! I love buffalo anything so when I saw some Pinterest inspiration I knew I wanted to try something like this for myself.
This recipe serves one.
photo (377)
3 oz cooked, cubed chicken
1 stalk celery diced
3T Franks Red Hot Original Sauce (to taste)
2/3 cup cooked quinoa
This recipe was a cinch since I had chicken prepared already. I just cooked the quinoa on the stove as I would cook rice.
photo (374)
Once the quinoa was complete, I simply combined all the ingredients into my container to let the flavors sit overnight. This step makes it delicious!
photo (375)
To serve, I simply reheated the meal and served with a side salad, with fat free ranch dressing of course because who can have buffalo chicken without ranch?!?!
photo (376)
This was a winner in my book! Let me know what you think!!

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