Birthday recap!

Last night we celebrated my little brother’s birthday! Happy Birthday Kyle!!
For dinner we started with Spaghetti and Meatballs and I had mine with a side salad!
photo (384)
Next it was time to party! Even Spark went nuts with his bowl of ice cream!!
photo (381)
The dessert spread with a hot fudge sundae section too!! Like my 3 layer funfetti cake?!
photo (382)
We were all tuckered out after all the celebrations!!
photo (383)
Hope you are having a great 20th birthday little brother!
After all that sugar and deliciousness last night I was ready to get fueled the right way today!
My usual oats were back this morning. SO good!
photo (380)
For lunch, I had leftovers! Side salad, baked sweet potato, and 3 oz of the grilled chicken tenders!
photo (379)
I am running tonight with Mike but at lunch I did get in 25 minutes on the elliptical and did some arm work.
Is anyone else loving this insane heat wave in Baltimore/ east coast?! Its like we jumped from winter to summer! I am not complaining except for the fact that I want to get a tan! (Ahem thank you sunless tanner)! I have even been rocking dresses to work! I am so happy with how all the flowers have bloomed and how much we can be outside in the evenings!
Question of the day:
How are you getting out to enjoy this glimpse of summer?
RUNNING with Mike my favorite running buddy! I will probably want to die in the 80+ heat but I will feel so great when I am done!

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