Starting the day off on the right foot!

Hi guys! Happy Thursday!

This morning I had the opportunity to run before work! I had some meetings later than usual so I was able to take my time this morning and get my workout in to begin my day! Pre run, I had a banana and some water!

photo (386)I started my four mile run around 6:45 am and it was already bright and warm, but not too hot! I loved doing this, I wish I had a flexible schedule to do this every day!!! Usually it is too dark to leave from my house to run before my long commute… bummer!

I listened to pandora on my iphone this morning. Great song!

photo (5)I ran with my phone for safety since I was running alone early in the morning. Safety first!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

I felt really awesome on my run and after… it was a great way to start my Thursday!

Today was a beautiful day again! I even got to eat my lunch outside between meetings!

photo (385)Such a great outside break!!

Dinner last night:

Last night for dinner Mike and his roommates whipped up an amazing meal! They made chicken fajitas and boy were they good! They pulled out all the stops… check out these vibrant peppasssss!

photo (388)I made myself just one and I gobbled it up!

photo (387)After dinner we caught up on this week’s episode of the Following!

Tonight I hope it stays nice out! I would love to get a nice walk in with Mi Madre for some girl talk! Isn’t that the best!?

Question of the day:

Running… first thing in the morning or afternoon?


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