100th Post Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You heard that right! Giveaway!
FREE THINGS! Who doesn’t love free?
I thought a giveaway would be a fun way to mark my milestone and to thank you loyal readers!! I couldn’t do this without you and I so love this! So stay tuned friends! There is so much more to come!!
With race season upon us, I thought a little kit to prepare you would definitely be appropriate!!
photo (389)
What do you need to race?
Strong legs!! That is why I got this workout DVD for ya! I love the SHAPE DVD that I have and I thought you would too! These workouts provide efficient and hard workouts to meet anyone’s needs. Plus you can do them in the comfort of your living room!
Gu! Does it get any easier that that? Use them in your training runs or save them for your race! They don’t need to be used for only running either, any long endurance workout over an hour will benefit from the refuel!
Muscle Milk!! This shake is chocolate (find me someone that doesn’t like chocolate, I dare you) and pre made. All you have to do is refrigerate and shake and chug! Simple as that! Funny… I know some alcoholic beverages that go through the same processes. Daquaries anyone? I digress, this stuff is great and will really help you recover from those strenuous training sessions!!
How to enter? This contest is open to anyone and there are ways to enter more than once!!
  • All you have to do is comment on this post with what you are most looking forward to in race season!!
  • Extra extry: Follow my bolg and leave an extra comment saying that you did (even if you already follow this is ok too)
  • Extra extra entry: Follow me on Twitter @Nachoavgrunner and leave another comment saying that you did!!
For those interested, I also found this article on Yahoo today… it is a survival guide for marathoners…. since the Boston is on Monday! Good luck if you are running it!
Good luck everyone! I will pick a winner on Sunday!

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