The run that wasn’t

Happy Saturday friends!
This morning I got right up and made breakfast!

photo (392)I have been trying to incorporate more protein rather than carbs into my morning meal. This kept me satisfied from 8-1!!

After breakfast I went to my core class, there was a sub teaching and he made this circuit style a la Jillian Michaels. Oy. This hurt!

I hurried home because I had my 5 mile run on the books. It was a beautiful day and I was so happy to get out and get after it! But, .9 miles into the run I got a shooting pain on the top of my foot and stopped. 😦

When will this foot business end? I am thinking that I will give this a few days and see where it is. I definitely think this is more tendon/ soft tissue realted rather than another fracture. Perhaps stemming from my orthotics and wearing sandals that aren’t the most supporting this week. We will see. In the end, I had to be picked up. I would rather be stopped now than mess something up down the line and make it worse. I came home and iced and red up on the pain online.

photo (391)After I got myself together, I showered and got ready for some girltime shopping!!!

I got some great new dresses and we got pedicures too!!

We got lunch in a mall food court so I just had a slice of pizza around 2 pm.

photo (390)It has been a really fun day despite my foot and I think with some rest, stretching, and being good about my orthotic use it will be better in no time!! 🙂

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Have a great night everyone!! 🙂


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