A reflection and Tasty Tuesday

Hi everyone…
Before I get to today’s Tasty Tuesday post, I want to take the time to reflect on the tragedy in Boston yesterday.
As a runner, (or lately a wannabe runner) I am so inspired by all of the hard work that goes into the training and passion of runners who attempt, finish, and truly compete in races. Let alone the Boston Marathon. Boston, in my mind is in a league of it’s own. I believe anyone that makes it there is an elite runner and should be proud of their accomplishments. With that being said, it brings sadness to my heart and tears to my eyes that anyone with that much evil in their heart could try to put a damper on the celebration of the runners and spectators visiting Boston yesterday to honor the hard work and commitment and love that everyone had in their hearts yesterday. It is our job as Americans, runners, and citizens to honor the victims of yesterday’s attack and come together as a community. I know personally, I want to help especially after hearing how people running continued to run right to hospitals to donate blood for victims… runners are heroes.
Today during my workout I wore blue (one of Boston’s colors) to show my support for the strength of the city.
photo (400)
For more information on how to help please visit this site .
Tasty Tuesday: Portabello Pesto Pasta
If you are like me and love Italian food step on closer to your screen. I am a bonafide carbaholic. There. I admit it. But, I really don’t like the full, sleepy, gross feeling I get after eating a bowl full of noodle goodness.So I aimed to lighten the meal and make it easy enough so that other doofus’ in the kitchen ME INCLUDED could handle a meal and still have it taste pretty darn great!!
Pesto Flavor Packet
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Baby Bella Mushrooms
Minced Garlic
Gluten Free Brown Rice Angel Hair Pasta (or any other wheat pasta you have, this is just what I had on hand)
photo (399)
Bring Pasta water to a boil and measure out 2 oz dry pasta. When water comes to a rolling boil add pasta and stir.
Slice baby bellas and preheat skillet. Spray Pam in skillet to reduce stickage and put in 1/4 tsp minced garlic to begin to saute. Add in baby bellas.
Cook until heated through and softened.
photo (397)
When pasta is finished, drain and set aside. Retain 1/4 cup of the pasta water in side dish.
In a bowl, mix 1T pesto powder, 1 T olive oil, and the drained pasta. Add left over pasta water until you reach desired consistency.
Plate and top with your cooked baby bellas.
photo (398)
I topped mine off with some grated reduced fat parmesan cheese and loved this meal until the very last bite! This whole meal comes out to less than 400 calories… Win!! I had already had a lot of protein earlier in the day but you could certainly add any chicken or fish to this to give this an extra punch of protein!
On a lighternote, please email me at nachoavgrunner@gmail.com rawbanana1996 so that I can get the race kit to you, you were the giveaway winner!!

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