Wraptastic Week!

Hi guys!
When I was at the grocery store this weekend I came across the Flat Out Light Wraps and I decided to pick them up and incorporate them into my weekly meals!
photo (402)
That was such a good decision!! I rarely do sandwich options for my lunches and breakfasts but at only 90 calories how could I resist!!
Excuse the poor picture quality, but check out these awesome meals I had thanks to the Flat Out wraps this week!
Breakfast Burrito!
photo (406)photo (405)
Filled with egg whites, hot sauce, and fat free cheese. Would be great with veggies and maybe some Canadian bacon!
Buffalo Chicken Wrap!
photo (404)
2 oz. of buffalo chicken lunch meat and a load of 50/50 spring mix to add for bulk!! Dipping this in some fat free ranch dressing would have been killer!
Tuna Wrap!
photo (403)
1 can of tuna in water trained with 1T light mayo! I also added bulk with pickles and spinach!
Flat bread pizza!
photo (401)I went with my favorite BBQ Shrimp pizza! But you could easily do classic pizza, margherita, white, or veggie!
So many endless options here!
If you are lookin for a way to jazz up your meals this week give my ideas a whirl! πŸ™‚

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