With all the sadness revolving around Boston this week I have not had a chance to give you all a foot update. I went to the doctor on Monday and it turns out the pain I was having was an inflamed tendon from a bone spur on the top of my foot. It is always something right!?!?
Anyway, I have been laying off of it this week to let it recover and rest and hope that with enough TLC I will not need to have the bone spur removed. This week has had a LOT of cross training! I have been spinning, biking, and the ergometer-ing….ROWING?! Yes rowing! I did it 2 times already this week and included my workouts and times below! This workout is serious business like sprints!! The workout is fantastic and would be a great way to introduce some circuit training if you have enough space in your gym!!
Workout 1 Ladder:
photo (7)
Workout 2 Repeats:
photo (8)
I was a sweaty mess after these workouts and I plan to incorporate this into my regular cross training regimen!
Last night for dinner Mike and I went to Chipotle!! I had a vegetarian salad! I am obsessed with that GUAC!
photo (407)
Breakfast today were more OMG pancakes with 2 eggs and a mashed banana, I will save you all from the horrid picture… they taste so much better than they look.
For my lunch today I had a pasta bowl. I had 2oz Carba Nada pasta topped with 1/2 cup of marinara, along with 1 oz shrimp, and sauteed veggies! It was amazing! It looks messy but it tastes great!
photo (408)
Tonight I am going to get my spin on again! I have a 5k in a few weeks and I am determined to not lose any fitness!!! 😉
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Question of the day: Do you Row?

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