Tasty Tuesday: Southwest Quinoa Bowl

Good evening friends! I have a few hunches my boy Bobby Flay is going to be calling me later to be a guest host on one of his shows because he is going to love my southwestern flare on this lunch dish!
I kid, I kid. But maybe! 🙂
Last night, actually always, I get the craving for Mexican or southwestern flavors that need to be satisfied ASAP. I started to brainstorm things that fix this for me… Nachos, no. Taco, no. Quesadilla, no. Burrito bow, YES! But I am always on a quest to make heavy dishes like this more healthy than they are. With a few healthy swaps, I was able to create a delicious and nutritious and satisfying burrito bowl that I couldn’t even finish!
This recipe is an entire meal on one plate…errr…bowl. Bring your appetite, I hope you enjoy!
Serves 1 but can easily be modified to make more!
  • Quinoa
  • 1 Can Reduced Sodium Black Beans
  • Fresh Salsa-homemade or store bought
  • Limes
  • Avocado (Please don’t be last minute like me and only have an under ripe one)
  • Reduced Sodium taco seasoning
  • Fresh Cilantro
  • Jalapenos (Canned wheels)
3.22 001
-Cook Quinoa according to package instructions (Note: when cooking my quinoa I added jalapeno juice and juice from half a lime in addition to the water) I also added taco seasoning at the end. Since I made 2 servings I used 2 tsp of taco seasoning.
-Drain black beans in colander.
-After quinoa has absorbed all of the liquid measure out 2/3 cup and layer into bottom of bowl. Measure out 1/3 cup of black beans and layer on top.
3.22 002
-Sprinkle on fresh cilantro and diced jalapeno. At this point, if you are making this for lunch the next day, you are almost done. Store in a to go container and proceed.
3.22 004
-Cut 1 small avocado in half and then in cubes. Cover in lime juice and store in airtight containers, 2 servings.
-Measure 1/3 cup of fresh salsa and store separately so that this will not get reheated.
When about to eat: Since I like this as a burrito bowl, I put a heap of spring mix on the bottom of my bow for added volume. Reheat the quinoa and beans until warm. Top on greens. Then it is time to break out the salsa and scatter the bowl with cubes of avocado that hopefully hasn’t started to oxidize like mine below! The finishing touch is a squeeze of fresh lime juice to brighten up the bowl.
photo (425)photo (424)
I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. You could also use cheese or sour cream or even mash the avocado into some guacamole. Hot sauce would be great as well!!
Nutritional Information as prepared above:
Calories: 377
Carbs: 53
Fat: 15
Protein: 12
Sugar: 1
Not bad for a one bowl meal huh!! I hope you like this!!

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