Packed and Ready to (Rock &) Roll!!

It’s here, it’s here! We are finally packed and ready to go on our much anticipated trip to Nashville!! My bag(s) are packed and everything is in the car ready to go for our trip tomorrow! I hope I packed enough…. I better make Mike run to the gym to get one last arm workout in so that he can lift my bagS! I am going for a long weekend and I am Jackie and I have a over packing problem.
Tonight is definitely an early to bed night!! We are leaving at 3 am… (YUCK) so that we can get to Tennessee with a lot of time to still enjoy the day! Mike and I are heading down with 2 friends and I seriously cannot wait!  I will be snoring in the back seat while the boys drive away!! Although I am bummed not to race, I just know this will be a fun adventure for all of us! We are meeting some family and other friends down there so it will definitely be fun!
Last night after work I went right to the gym to try to find my abs via CX worx. It was killer! I can see my improvement in side planks even though as soon as we are done I say they sucked!
I met my family at the park to watch my little brother’s (he is 20 and bigger than me, but he will always be my little brother) softball game! We even packed dinner! I had my usual subway turkey six inch so I will spare you the picture and instead show you my yummy sides! 100 calorie packs to the rescue. I love cheetos…
photo (430)
Ready to bat!!
photo (429)
I wanted to get one last really good healthy day in me before our trip so for breakfast I enjoyed a whole wheat sandwich thin topped with peanut butter, a banana, and some chia!
photo (426)
Lunch was a repeat of yesterday since I had some leftovers… some changes though… no avocado because it looked nasty!!
photo (428)
I think in the future I will use less quinoa… maybe a 1/2 cup. This is just too filling and I can’t eat it all.
While I am in Tennessee, I have some posts set up so you won’t miss out on a thing! I will do full trip recaps when we get back and I plan on taking lots of pictures to share my experiences with everyone!! To anyone racing this weekend, good luck and kick some butt! You trained, you worked hard, and now is the time to celebrate it!
Be sure to follow me @NachoAvgRunner on Twitter and Instagram so that you can see immediate happenings! 🙂

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