Fitness Goals

Hi again Friends! I am currently Living it up in Music City so I thought I would just pop in with some healthy topics that don’t include happy hours, honkey tonks, or cowboy hats!
Today I wanted to discuss the importance of goal setting, but more specifically, fitness goal setting.
Whether you are training for your first marathon or simply taking a walk around your block so that your pants continue to fit, I think it is important to start with an end in mind and make your goals SMART.
R- Rrelevant
T-Time Focused
My current fitness goals are specific: Run a 5k in May
Run a 10K in June
Try out Cross Fit for a Month
Complete a half marathon
Some of my goals are more SMART than the others due to my current injury status.
For example, my 5 K in May is only to complete it while running the whole thing. With the pinched nerve in my foot running, let alone walking, has been very painful. I am hoping that with enough rest I will be able to do this!
A better example was when I signed up for my first half marathon (which I am here NOT running, oh well!)
S- Run an RNR half marathon in 2 hours in Nashville, TN
M- Train at a pace less than 9 minute miles and follow training plan online
A- With enough time to train 12+ weeks my endurance will be built and speed accruing
R- I love running and I love a challenge! I like new fitness goals to switch it up!
T- Finish training by April 27 to race!
For this, I did half of the the leg work, no pun intended. I found a training plan and followed it. Through lessons learned, I now know I needed better shoes. I used a GPS watch to time and pace myself so that I could achieve the goal time. I started loosely “training” in November so that I could have enough time to focus on speed after I had built the endurance up. Unfortunately 2 stress fractures and my bone spur-pinched nerve have prevented me from running in this race…. but boy will I have a fun vacation! There will always be another race. When I train for my next Half I will be sure to make sure my goals are SMART and that I have all the necessary details covered!!
Question of the day: What are your fitness goals for the next year?

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