Why I workout at lunch!

I came across this article the other day. I enjoy reading about healthy living, in fact you could say I genuinely love it! I was one of those kids who loved school and couldn’t wait to do well on another test…. yea…
Anyway, when I was reading this article I found out many positive things that I already do to maintain and build fitness. Bonus! Extra credit if you will….
Some key points from the article by FitSugar explain why it is good to workout during the day as oopposed to first thing in the morning. I started working out on my lunch break on my first week at my job a few years ago. There was a track nearby and I would go out at lunch and walk for an hour. Not only was this friendly for my wallet by saving money going out to caloric lunches, but this was friendly to my mind and body. a chain of events started from this because now I had to plan meals to pack my lunches the night before so that I could simply eat at my desk while I worked to save time after my workouts! I grew to love going into the fresh air to get my afternoon walk in!  This walking break gave me a chance to clear my head from the stress of the morning and get in some lovely endorphins that we all crave! I became known around the office as someone who loved fitness and being healthy and I really liked that! This was a time for me and it helped me refresh every day!
When my office moved a little under a year ago to a larger building I was delighted to find a small gym for employees to us for free in the basement! There are free weights, a few machines, and limited cardio equipment but this helps me to get at least a little done during the day when I have busy evenings.
Life the article suggests, it builds camaraderie for people with similar interests. I enjoy going there every day to see the people I work with in a stress free environment. We may all be at different fitness levels but this brings out a common interest which is nice! Some of us go down together and I think that definitely keeps people motivated. When I was able to train for my half marathon people would encourage me as I ran on the treadmill and it helped to know that even when I was injured (and still can’t run) I was inspiring others to still workout because I modified my workouts rather than giving up completely.
At the end of the day it doesn’t always matter when you workout, do what works for you. What really matters is that you did it. You should be proud of that! Make that feeling of accomplishment for completing that elliptical workout you A quiz to slap on the fridge!
Question of the day: When is your favorite time to exercise?

2 thoughts on “Why I workout at lunch!

  1. I’m definitely a morning worker-outer. Just works better for my schedule. I homeschool, and I have 5 kiddos AND I watch a baby during the day so my days is PACKED. I gotta get the workout in before the day starts =)

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