Nashville Recap {Part 1}

Hi guys! I am back! After a very fun and long weekend I am ready to get back at my routine! I really did have the best time on our trip to Nashville and I can’t wait to share the memories with you! I took so many pictures this weekend so this will be the first of a few recap posts!
Our trip started bright and early last Thursday at 2:30 AM, yes we were just a little excited to get there!!
photo (440)
We only had one 45 minute jam for an accident and drove through the rest of the night! We finally stopped to get breakfast and gas around 8 am. Cracker Barrel is a must on trips like this and I couldn’t get enough coffee in mah belly!
photo (431)
Luckily my friend Laura and I had a lot to keep us busy while the boys drove! Trivia and Magazines to the rescue!!
photo (432)
… Until we hit this backup in Knoxville around 11 am that had us parked on the highway for over 3 hours…
photo (433) we took the time to stretch our legs and snap some pics!!
photo (435)photo (434)
We finally made it to the hotel around 6:30 and we immediately checked in, got settled, and grabbed a bite to eat before heading out on the town!
We were a little punchy from the lack of sleep by the end of the night but we definitely had a lot of fun!!
photo (437)
Lots of blurry iPhone pics:
photo (436)photo (439)photo (438)
First night was a success!!!

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