Nashville {Part 2}

Day 2 started for us around 8 am with breakfast at the hotel!
After letting it digest for a bit, Mike, Ben, and I headed down to the gym for a quick workout to start out day!
I did 20 minutes on the elliptical with some arm work!!
After getting ready, we headed to the RNR Expo to check it out even though we wouldn’t be running.  It was really organized and had a good flow!
photo (450)
I only had one big geek out when I stopped to see that Danny the Biggest Loser winner was speaking!!! She looks great!!
photo (451)
After a quick lunch, we met up with some friends to go to the Country Music Hall of Fame.
photo (449)photo (448)
It was pretty cool but, not great for the price, but maybe we just weren’t in the right frame of mind… I was expecting a lot more contemporary artists… I was wrong! Ha!
But, I did see some Grammyys, Brad Paisley’s Paisley guitar, and My girl Taylor Swift’s Bedazzled guitar!
photo (447)photo (446)
photo (445)
Friday night we headed to a local Bar called Legends…. this was my favorite night! The band Radio Romance was playing and I can’t even tell you how awesome they were! They did so many awesome covers of songs everyone knows and we became instant fans! I even got a tshirt… total groupie… right? I took about 45 pics that night on my phone but here are just a few!
photo (444)
He posed for me!
photo (443)
Day 3
Saturday was a total rain out! I feel so bad for the runners that had to run in the flooded streets! But they did it!! They should all be very proud!
Saturday morning we slep in and grabbed lunch at Taco Mamacita’s right by the Vanderbilt campus, which is beautiful! The lunch was just ok! A little too eclectic with the flavors maybe.
Since it was still raining we took a drive out of town to see the Grand Ole Opry! We stopped by the huge shopping center to kill some time at the movies during the afternoon as well!
Has anyone ever seen a speed limit like this before? We thought it was a joke!
photo (442)
That night, we went to a bar called Rippy’s for dinner and drinks! The whole place was nuts and full of energy! There happened to be a Jimmy Buffet concert at the venue next door and we saw so many parrot heads!
photo (441)
I really did have such a fun vacation! So many wonderful memories were made with Mike and my friends that I will never forget!
I am a little worn down this week and nursing a cold, but I am so happy to be back in a routine and back at my healthy habits!

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