Friday Friday Friday is my favorite day! AND an update!

Happy Friday Friends!! Whatcha up to tonight!?

My day started with OMG pancakes and peanut butter. It kept me full for hours at work!!

photo (461)

I had a half day today so that I could go to the doctor so I came to Mike’s house and ate lunch!

2 oz baked chicken, 3 ounces baked sweet potato wedges, and roasted green beans with greek yogurt on the side!! So good!!

photo (460)

I just chilled and met him at his office until my appointment since they are in the same complex! Convenient!!


So the news… I should really rename this good ole blog!!!

I had a nice long conversation with the doctor and made a good plan of action for my silly feet today. We decided to start conservatively and do a cortisone shot and see how this works for a few months. Then we will reevaluate and decide if surgery is necessary to remove the bone spur on the top of my foot.

Basically now, I have to give my foot complete rest for 2 weeks. ZERO cardio of leg weights for 2 weeks. I may lose my mind, but I need to think long term here. I will definitely have to focus on healthy eating habits!!!

I am to ice my foot a lot this week and wear the dreaded boot for the next three days per doctor’s orders!!

photo (459)

I am unfortunately backing out of my 5k next weekend but hopefully I can do the Zooma 10k June 1!!!

Tonight I am having happy hour outside with a great girlfriend! It is really going to be a fun weekend!!!

Anyone else ever had a cortisone shot before?


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