Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Hi Friends!
We celebrated Cinco de Mayo a day early this weekend!!

Yesterday, Mike and I went to a party with some of my coworkers to celebrate the holiday! Coronas baby! We had a lot of fun!

We then came back to Mike’s house to hang out with our college friends that were in from Pennsylvania! We played yard games, grilled, and had some dips that I made. Guac and queso for sure! I even had a few Skinnygirl Margaritas to celebrate! We had fun with good friends!

Today we woke up and went out to breakfast with our friends. I had a wheat bagel and an egg. After lounging around this morning, I headed to the mall for some Mother’s day shopping!! Don’t forget it is next Sunday!

I also went and watched Mike coach a lacrosse game the day was perfect for it! But, my allergies are giving me a run for my money today! HA!!

We are currently just hanging out and brainstorming ideas for dinner. We want something healthy! Salads!!

What are you doing tonight to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!?


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