Work and no Workout

I just have to start out the week with some cuteness…
photo (462)
This lil guy just got a haircut this weekend and he just doesn’t know what to make of it yet… very bashful!! πŸ™‚
Today was my first day back at work with no lunch time workout. It made the day very long to sit at my desk! But, I was very productive and managed to get ahead on some projects!
I started my day with a filling peanut butter and banana sandwich on a whole wheat sandwich thin.
photo (465)
So good!
Lunch was a shrimp Caesar salad! This was a treat!
photo (464)
I topped spring mix with steamed shrimp, 1 T of Parmesan cheese, light Caesar salad dressing, and Kashi pita chips on the side for some crunch!
My afternoon snacks consisted of greek yogurt and a pear.
photo (463)
I really miss working out but I know in the long term this will be worth the wait! Plus I am kinda liking the whole less pain thing…
Last night for dinner, we went to Wegman’s! WOO!
photo (466)
We were thinking of different places to try and decided on the Wegman’s salad and hot bars because it had what everyone wanted on it! This was the best salad bar I have had in a very long time. Although it was pricey, it was fresh, filling and for the most part healthy!
While I am in a workout haitus, I am going to be especially focused on healthy eating! Any tips and ideas in the comments will be greatly appreciated!!
Now… for some Monday motivation….
photo (467)


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