Willpower babyyyy!

Hey Hey Happy Tuesday! (I’m a poet… yada yada..)

Last night I had a great girl’s night with my mom! We first went to Subway for a quick dinner with healthy options! Turkey, light chips.. the usual…

photo (473)

Then… we headed to the nail salon!! I got myself a spa manicure and my mom got a pedi/mani combo! I decided not to let them touch my feet since they seem to be so fragile lately! My manicure was very relaxing though… totally taupe!

photo (468)

Afterwards, we ran to target for the whole I need one thing…. $50.00 later… whoops!!

Today’s meals were a lot of repeats!!! Sorry!


photo (472)

Deconstructed PB&B sandy


photo (471)

Leftover sweet potato wedges (about 3 oz)


photo (470)

Shrimp Caesar Salad

Other Snack-

photo (469)

Greek yogurt, pumpkin, sliced almonds

Tonight I am going to do some ab work. Crunch cityyyy… I just realized I leave for Jamaica in 58 days (not that I’m counting) and I will be in a bathing suit for like 2 weeks straight!! Yowzasssss! I have to at least do something during my no workout nonsense!!!

Today I was very proud of myself. It was my boss’ birthday and someone brought in an ice cream cake! I went, socialized, and refrained from it all together. I didn’t need a piece and I feel so great! Go willpower! Bathing suit, bathing suit. bathing suit.

How do you avoid the work traps that sabotage your slim?


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