Here Fishy Fishy…

Hey guys! I just have to show you the dinner I made last night! Watch out Julia Child!
I made broiled salmon on top of some spring mix, with sides of mixed grain rice, steamed asparagus, sautéed cherry tomatoes, and a skewer of shrimp! Impressive right!!
photo (480)
To make the salmon, all I did was lay aluminum foil on a baking sheet (to keep it easy) and spray some Pam. I laid out the fillet of salmon on top and sprinkled Old Bay all over that fish! To finish this off, I poured on the juice of half of a fresh lemon for some bright flavas!  I broiled until pink all the way through and then served! It was a hit!!
Close up!
photo (474)
For dessert, I had a sugar free chocolate pudding with lite cool whip on top! That was the perfect end to the meal!
photo (475)
While doing my crunches last night, Sparky tried to help his sister out. It definitely wore him out though. He could barely keep his eyes open to watch Dancing with the Stars to see Sean kicked off!
photo (476)
He has a rough life.
photo (479)
photo (478)
Leftover salmon and tomatoes from last night on a fluffy bed of spring mix. I just topped with about a tablespoon of light balsamic dressing. These meals have been great! I am really confident cooking seafood… I need to build up my cooking confidence to cook more meats. I am overly terrified of under cooking chicken. I always cook it to a pulp. Advice?
I found my friends again at lunch. I did 30 minutes of upper body work and it felt great! It was a great way to break up my work day and come back to the afternoon’s work ahead feeling refreshed!
photo (477)
Tonight I can’t wait to relax with Mike. We have had a busy couple of weeks and I want to do nothing together!
PS: Mother’s Day is this weekend you better go shopping! 🙂
Question: What is your best chicken cooking advice? Help a girl out! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Here Fishy Fishy…

  1. Cooking Themometer!:) THen you know FOR SURE your chicken is cooked without over cooking. I have the same problem!!! OR throw it in the slow cooker, never comes out dry!

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