Hot Diggity Dog!

Woo Thursday is here yet again! I hope you all have had terrific days! I was SO busy! But I had a great day!!
Last night, I met Mike at his office after work and watched the ECD team in action! It was fun! I didn’t help too much, just blogged and was in their way (HA!).
We headed to Panera since it was on the way home and it is easy to make healthy options there! I got my (real original) soup and salad combo.
photo (483)
We came home and still weren’t completely satisfied. So we broke open a bag of peanuts. It kept us busy and took a bit of time to eat them. I needed something to finish off the meal. I wasn’t hungry per se but I ate it anyway (hand slapped).
We did manage to get a lot of quality time in though relaxing! It was just what I needed!! 🙂
photo (482)
Breakfast today will shock you all….
photo (481)
… or not.
I did manage to sneak away for a quick 30 minute lunch break! I got some core work in. I did a ton of crunches and ab work. I wanna be soreeee!!!
photo (485)
Lunch today was kind of random though. Since it is close summer, I associate this season with the grill. I also associate it with sun, flip flops, cookouts, the beach, baseball, hot dogs…. wait hot dogs!?
Yes. Today I wanted a hot dog. I picked up some fat free beef franks at the grocery store the other night and cooked 2 up for my lunch today. I had exactly what I wanted and didn’t go over my calorie allowance. Now, are these “healthy” no. But they are a healthy alternative to the real ones!
photo (484)
On the side, I had some sweet potato wedges to really have an “indulgent” hot dog and fries lunch! I was so satisfied with this meal! Not overfull and not left wanting something more!!!
My afternoon snacks consisted of some cantaloupe and a greek yogurt to boost some nutritional values!
Tonight I need to clean!! BIG time. I am still living in shambles from my vacation and need to put away piles of laundry…. See you tomorrow my friends!!!
Do you like hot dogs in the summer?

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