Crabs and Hungry For Change

Hey! Happy Monday folks!
Last night’s crab feast was a delicious meal!
photo (500)
Hi little crabbies!
photo (506)
Sparky was sad he didn’t get to eat with us… poor fella!
photo (502)
I have done great with eats today!
2 ingredient pancake with peanut butter for breakfast!
photo (503)
3oz. baked chicken, roasted asparagus, and 4 oz. sweet potato wedges for a hearty lunch!!
photo (504)
At lunch I did a quick arm workout… gotta get these babies ready for tank tops!
My afternoon snack was some creamy vanilla yogurt!
photo (505)
Yesterday, I spent the whole day with my mom and we did a little shopping! I finally found a bedspread that I am in love with and I don’t even have to repaint my room! It goes perfectly! I can’t wait to see how good it looks with my room put together!
photo (501)
I forgot to tell you all… I watched “Hungry For Change” the documentary on Netflix this weekend. Holy Crap. I was in shock… I mean it is obvious that all these artificial thingies are bad for us… but I didn’t realize how truly prevalent in our lives they are. I used to be a total Diet Coke addict. I am so glad I don’t drink it as much anymore. I know it will not change overnight to become a more wholly healthy eater but I will definitely try to be more conscious and make little changes over time. Granted, this film did have a slant and I think in moderation everything is ok but I am sure it would be a challenge to eat completely naturally given society.
What do you think? Have you seen it?

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