Not such a good night’s sleep

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday!
Last night I had a bunch of errands to run so I just grabbed dinner with my mom while I was out!
photo (509)
Can you see the big brave guard dog I came home to?!
photo (510)
After running my errands I came home and got some things done around the house like packing my lunch, picking out my outfit, and cleaning a bit. When I finally got in bed to relax and started to fall asleep the fire alarm started going off!! Startled I ran downstairs to see what was going on and we realized the battery was old. After my dad made a quick change of it, I realized the big brave little Spark dog was no where in sight! I searched a little bit and found him hiding in the corner of the family room under an end table shaking like a leaf! He was petrified! I guess those big noises scare little fellas like him!
I quickly picked him up and swaddled him like a little hot dog burrito and took him to my room to settle him down.. he just needed a little loving and cuddling and he was fine again! YAY!
Finally, I got to sleep around midnight which is L-A-T-E for this gal! I like to be asleep by 11 since I get up at 6. Sleep is SO important to me!
I needed coffee and a filling breakfast to start my day off right!
photo (513)
Sandwich thin with chia seeds, banana, and my love peanut butter to the rescue!!!
My lunch time strength training helped me power through the work day as well!!
photo (511)
Lunch was oh so good today! A big salad with chicken with a side of sweet potato wedges! Yummy in my tummy!!!!
photo (512)
I also had some grapes for an afternoon snack!
photo (508)
Tonight Mike and I are going to work on making something healthy and fun for dinner! I will be sure to share!!
Tomorrow morning I have another appointment with my foot specialist… cross your fingers… and toes… and arms… and legs… I hope that even in my pain I can be cleared to workout again! 🙂

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