Return of the lunch time complete workout!!

Last night on my way home from work, I took a detour to Trader Joe’s!
photo (524)
I wish we had one closer (this one is about 25 minutes away from my house) but this one is basically on my way home from work!
I got a bunch of great goodies there that you will see in meals coming up over the next few days!
photo (523)
Once I put away my groceries, I decided to start on dinner. Since I have had so many salads this week I wanted something starchy! Spaghetti to the rescue!! I cooked up some whole wheat egg noodles and reheated some of my mom’s spaghetti sauce and called it done! I was full when I was finished! I ended up going for a nice 3 mile walk in the evening and it helped me digest a bit! Plus it was a beautiful night to be outside!!
photo (522)
I treated myself to some TJ’s mini chocolate chip cookies for dessert! Why are these so delicious! So buttery and chocolaty!!! YUM!
photo (521)
Breakfast was boring today, you know the drill…
During my lunch break I was reunited with my love of cardio!! I did 30 minutes of hills on the stationary bike while watching Million Dollar Listing New York… Bravo I love you. That is all.
Then I did some arm strength training so that I make sure to keep it in my routine! I didn’t have time to finish shoulders and biceps so I will make that a priority when I get home today with some free weights!
Lunch today totally sucked! I have been so spoiled with delicious salads all week and I got lazy. Joke is on me!
I made a healthy choice frozen meal and I hated it. I couldn’t even finish it.
photo (519)
Thankfully, I did buy apples at TJ’s yesterday so I had a PB with it fo fill me up!
photo (518)
I got this sparkling water there last night as well to try. It is basically seltzer (which I am trying so hard to like) the sparkling water I usually buy is full of aspartame and artificial crap… after watching Hungry for Change this weekend I really am trying to make small and healthy changes in my lifestyle!! I really miss that sweetness!
photo (520)
Tonight is a little girls night! I hope you all have fun Friday nights too!!! 🙂
Email me if you know anyone interested in running the Zooma 10K in Annapolis June 1!! 🙂

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