Party and a Pizza

Last night we went to a surprise engagement party for one of our great friends!!

photo (536)

I’d say she was surprised!

photo (537)

We had a lot of fun and I really can’t wait for their wedding, it is going to be beautiful! Come on May 2014!

Today Mike and I had a lot of lacrosse to attend to. He played in one game and coached in another. Luckily the rain held out!

We wanted something delicious for dinner so pizza it was! I stocked up at TJ’s the other day for cheese, whole wheat dough, and sauce! Mike and I jazzed it up with some other fun toppings too!

photo (534)

Grilled peppers and onions:

photo (535)

Buffalo chicken too!

photo (533)

We started the meal with healthy salads as well! Needed those greens today!

photo (531)Final product:

photo (532)Hot sauce for the win!

Now we are settled on the couch with Here Comes the Boom! I hope this movie is funny! Its going to be a relaxing Sunday night for sure!


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