TJ’s for the win… again!

Hey Hey! Monday is here again!
Last night after dinner and the movie, Mike and I watched the Billboard Music Awards! Taylor Swift had such an awesome performance and we LOVED the Band Perry break into the drums during Better Dig Two’s performance!
I got a great night’s rest and was ready to start my week off right!! I even straightened my hair today… for not being a morning person that is a huge accomplishment for me! Bonus points here! This Baltimore humidity has made this a new requirement every day!
Breakfast quesadilla to the rescue!
photo (541)
For lunch today I had this TJ’s reduced guilt Mac and Cheese with a side salad.
photo (540)
OMG was this delicious. I am definitely buying more of these packages on my next trip!!!
photo (539)This seriously tasted homemade, it is so much better than any SmartOne or Lean Cuisine I have ever eaten!
photo (538)
My afternoon snack was a yummy apple.
I did upper body strength training during my lunch break and just 15 minutes on the bike to warm up. I am going to go to the gym tonight for the first time in weeks to do some cardio! Woo!!
Even though the weather is going to be hot and humid here this week I am excited! It is finally starting to fell like the beginning of summer! Bring on the tanks and shorts! In fact, I am off  to the gym in a tank top now! Yippee!!!
Tune in tomorrow for a fun new Tasty Tuesday!!! 🙂 It’s gonna be COOL!
Reminder!! Email me if you are interested in my 10K bib for the Zooma Race in Annapoils June 1!

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