Deliciouss delicious wrap… So delicious I said it twice.

Hey Guys!! I hope your Wednesday is going well! Mine FLEW BY today because work was so busy! One minute I looked up and it was time to go already! How did that happen!?
Lunch yesterday was delicious! I was trying to use up some leftovers and made a pasta bowl with egg noodles, chicken, marinara, and baby bellas! So good!
photo (552)
After work last night I went to a great Yoga class at my gym to unwind. I should really get in a better habit of this! I was so relaxed!
photo (551)
Dinner was chicken in the crock pot with buffalo sauce! Steamfresh rice and veggies on the side… of course that is some ranch! You cant have buffalo without ranch!!!!
photo (550)
After dinner, I took a nice 2 mile walk with my mom and chatted! Love girl talk!
Who else watched Dancing with the Stars last night!?!? I can’t believe I fell asleep before the end… go me…
Breakfast today was back to the 2 ingredient pancake! It keeps me so full for so long! Perfect for busy days like today!
photo (549)
Now here is the star of the show!!! My lunch was a whole wheat wrap with mashed avocado, grilled chicken, tomato slices, spring mix, and happiness. I loved this lunch! It was so satisfying! I also had some TJ’s pretzels and an apple! Healthy can taste good! Who knew!?!
photo (548)
My workout today was 30 schwettyyy minutes on the bike while reading Gone Girl on my Kindle… the book is slow to start… anyone else read it?
I also did some upper body strength training but it wasn’t anything to write home about!
Tonight I am heading to see Mike! I hope we have a quiet and relaxing night!

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