Long Weekend!!

And happy LONG weekend to you as well!!
Last night for dinner, my mom made her delicious BBQ shrimp pizza.
photo (560)
I also had a salad to add some volume and nutrients!
photo (559)
So melty and good!
After dinner I ran some errands and came home and straightened up my room! I also caught up on some Married to Jonas on Demand. They’re really cute. Plus I think Joe Jonas is hilarious. (He is cute too).
After a good night’s sleep, I woke up starving! I had my usual breakfast to tide me over once I got to work!!
photo (561)
Since I am going away this weekend, I wanted to make a salad today that would use up my goodies in the fridge!
photo (562)
TJ’s whole wheat pretzels on the side!
I also had a greek yogurt and apple this afternoon!
Since we got out of work early for the holiday I am pumped! I just swung into Old Navy and got a jacket since I am so unprepared for this sudden chill! The other day it was so hot and humid here! Now its back in the fifties and COLD! Where are you summer?
What are you up to this weekend?
– We’re catching up with some great friends! 🙂

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