Last week, I saw this survey on Julie’s Blog. Being a HUGE PB Fingers fan, I decided to follow suit! Julie is the best! Her blog always keeps me entertained and provides great ideas. Plus Sadie is hilarious.

Anywho, here goes! I would love to know what you guys are up to! Challenge is to put 3 of your “Currents” in the comments!!

Current Book: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I am almost halfway through. It was a little slow to start but really started to pick up now!!

gone girl


Current Music: I just updated my iPod this week! Tune in to the good ole blog tomorrow for my new Summer Playlist! It has a great mix! (hint hint)

Current Guilty Pleasure: Don’t be Tardy on Bravo… hey it said GUILTY pleasure!

dont be tardy


Current Nail Color: Purple! I am usually a pink gal but I have had some fun with the Sally Hanson Complete Manicure line and I have really liked some blues and greens as well!!

photo (554)

Current Drink: TJ’s Lemon Sparkling water. It is delicious when it is super cold!!

Current Food: 1 word. Avocado. Seriously these fruits are amazing this time of year. I could eat them every day! Wait, I have almost every day this week… whoops.

Current Favorite Show: Since Dancing with the Stars just ended, I am going to have to say that. I was completely hooked and really happy that Kelly won. She was amazing even though I loved Jacoby’s entertainment! #Ravensnation

Current Wish List: a new phone. My iPhone four is slowly dying on me. Bummer.

Current Needs: Nothing. I am completely content. I have a great family, great friends, a wonderful boyfriend and a lot of fun things to look forward to this summer!

Current Indulgence: Trader Joe’s Mini Chocolate Chip cookies. Just a few cures that sweet tooth!

photo (521)

Current Blessing: My health. My family.

Current Outfit: Gym clothes. I need to go shower…

Current Excitement: Memorial Day weekend. HELLO! 3 day weekend woohoo!!!!

You guys go! I want to know what you are up to! 🙂


Leave a comment :)

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