Summer workout playlist!!

Hey guys!

Like I mentioned yesterday, I just updated my iPod this week! I got some great new songs that I have been listening to nonstop! I think this has a great mix of music perfect for a spin session like I used this for the other day, for a run, a walk, or even just some stretching! Heck go dance around your room while you are getting ready for a summer cookout! This will pump you up!

I am not sure if you will like working out to country music like I do, but I promise even driving to the car with this playlist will put a smile on your face!

Roll those windows down, put your shades on, and sing and dance like there is no one watching!!playlistmay

What songs have you been listening to lately? Are there any I am missing!? I would love to know what you are listening to!


Leave a comment :)

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