Happy Memorial Day!!

Happy Memorial Day my friends! It is the official start of summer! You know what that means!! Bathing suit time!!

I saw this article on Yahoo! Shine the other day by my BL Love, BOB HARPER!!

This article has a few great tips on how to get last minute results just in time for Memorial Day!

One of Bob’s rules is to wake up and get your cardio in before breakfast… I am definitely not a morning person but I would love to get this in before work to make my days easier and have more relaxing evenings. Definitely something to work on! Progress, not perfection!

Another rule he shared is no complex carbs after breakfast. This is another one I struggle with! I love pasta and I love potatoes. Both for dinner would make me happy! HA! This is something attainable that I should do more. I should try to have more “lean and green” for dinner like he suggested so it is easier to digest!

The last rule Bob shared was no fruit? What! They are carbs too. I can’t do this. Fruit makes me happy. I have a banana every morning!

While I love Bob, I am not sure that these rules are realistic for me. I would prefer to eat healthy for the majority of the time 80/20 rather than be miserable for a week and crash diet and cut out complete food groups. I think there are a lot of healthy ways to lose weight and for me the low and slow method works best for me for long lasting weight loss.

Don’t worry, I still love you Bob.

Have a great Monday and enjoy your day off! Back to the grind tomorrow! 🙂


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