Return of the Oats and a challenge!

Hey Friends! I Hope you had lovely long weekends! I sure did! We checked out the Men’s Lacrosse Final Four on Saturday! Lots of fun!
photo (571)photo (570)
Philly was a blast with our friends from college!
photo (569)
We came home on Sunday and went to see Fast 6! It was great!!  We also wanted something healthy and homemade for dinner on Sunday night since our eats on Saturday were the opposite of healthy (chicken nuggets, hot dog, Mike’s hard lemonade).
We decided on whole wheat pasta with marinara and chicken with fat free mozzarella. Basically healthified chicken parm! It turned out great with my side salad!!
photo (568)
Since I was off on Monday I started my day with a date… to Dunkin! What a treat!
photo (567)
I finally got around to working out yesterday and decided to do a DVD since the gym was closed. Jillian’s Ripped in 30 it was!!
photo (566)
I forgot how hard this workout is! I am beyond sore today. But I love this feeling!! I have decided to do this DVD 3-4 times a week for the next 4 weeks. I like the circuit style and this takes out the planning of my workouts! Since I have been having so many issues with my foot, I am going to do this self challenge as long as it isn’t causing pain! Plus I get a killer total body workout in a short time span!! Anyone else in for the challenge??!?
This morning I headed back to work! I decided to make up some oats to use up some things in the pantry! I forgot how good these babies are!
photo (565)
Lunch was delicious as well! I had Kashi BBQ chicken pizza along with a spinach side salad! So good!
photo (572)
My workout today was the stationary bike at lunch and I am going to do day 2 of Ripped in 30 tonight! I can’t believe how sore I am from week 1. Week 2 is going to be killer next week! But I will be thanking myself in July when I am at the beach for 2 weeks!!

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