It tastes like a TAQUITO?!

Last night when I got home from work, I knew I had an easy dinner ahead! Since we grilled for Memorial day, I had some leftover fat free hot dogs! I also had a TJ’s Reduced guilt Mac and Cheese on the side. This picture is pre pound of ketchup!
photo (564)
After dinner, I got my mom and Spark ready to do day 2 of Ripped in 30 and boy was it tough! But Spark really wanted to join us! He was ready to do some lunges and push ups!
photo (576)
I was exhausted after this workout so I took it upon myself to plop on the couch and watch the Vow… thank you for being so beautiful Channing Tatum!
After a good night’s rest (and Don’t be Tardy before bed) I was up bright and early!
It was so hot out this morning! I drank my entire tervis tumbler of water as well as my thermos of coffee on my drive to work… thirstyyyy!
When I got to work I heated up my oatmeal… why do hot breakfasts on hot days still seem enjoyable to me? Cold breakfasts never seem to keep me full!
photo (575)
Lunch today was interesting! I had a side spinach salad!
photo (573)
I also had my very first veggie burger and….
photo (574)
…I LOVED IT! It kinda tasted like a taquito, I am weird. It was a Morningstar farms spicy black bean burger and I got it on a whim last night! I can’t wait to make them more of a staple in my diet!!
Tonight I am making Mike dinner! I will be sure to share tomorrow! Don’t worry it is nothing fancy!  I will throw away the bags and stuff so it seems more homemade 🙂

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