Last night I told Mike I would make him dinner, naturally he was nervous he would need Pepto for dessert, don’t ask…
So, I decided to make something with a little help from my friend Joe (Trader by day). Last week at the store I picked up this bag of chicken fried rice on my trip to TJ’s.
photo (583)
I started by following the bag’s directions and plopped this into the skillet with some Pam.
 photo (582)
Since this was a carb heavy dish, we decided to add more veggies. Corn in the skillet, asparagus, broccoli, and green beans in another pot!
 photo (581)
I also wanted to amp up the protein in my dish and fried up an egg base my bowl!
 photo (580)
While cooking, I just added 1T of low sodium soy sauce to the mix to give it a little flare! Then we combined all the other green veggies to the mix!
photo (579) photo (578)
We simply served and voila! Dinner!!
 photo (577)
Mike added Sriacha to his bowl and I added soy sauce to mine. We both think that next time we will do the same with the veggie overload but I will buy the veggie version and we can add our own meat as this chicken was a little chewy. Overall, good meal though!!!!
After dinner we popped in a Redbox!
We rented Jack Reacher starring Tom Cruise and I really liked it!!
Happy Thursday friends! Tomorrow Mike and I have a fun date night planned! I can’t wait!!!

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