Oats in a Jar!

Yesterday when I got to work I had one thing and one thing only in mind. Peanut butter. My jar was almost empty, the horror!
So I did what any gal would do that gets inspiration from other bloggers out there in the interwebs, I had my warm oats in a jar! I made the oats the night before and microwaved them when I got to work! Then all I had to do was plop the gooey goodness in my almost done PB jar!!
photo (589)
So delicious!
Lunch yesterday was another frozen meal courtesy of my last TJ’s trip! So I picked up the Reduced Guild Chicken Breasts in Poblano Sauce. It was pretty good!
photo (585)
Dinner last night was marinara chicken in the crock pot! I topped mine on a bed of Carba Nada Pasta and finished the plate off with some parmesan cheese!
photo (588)
This morning I woke up at the crack of dawn so that I could get a workout in before my work day started!
photo (586)
That time should be illegal.
I am glad I got and got it over with though! Thank you Jillian for kicking my butt 4 days this week!
Since it was a hot day, I knew I wanted something cold and creamy for breakfast, so a smoothie it was! It actually held me over for more than an hour this time! Recipe coming next week! 🙂
photo (587)
Tonight I am heading on a date with Mike! I am so excited!!
Good luck to all the people running Zooma tomorrow! You will be great! I am bummed I can’t run with you!!

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