The laundry guard!

Hey guys!! Happy Monday!

I was off from work today so I slept in and woke up around 8:30! So nice! When I wandered downstairs, I decided on something fun for breakfast! (Recipe coming tomorrow with Tasty Tuesday!)

I also had some delicious coffee while watching the Today Show.

6.3 013

After my breakfast, I did week 2 of Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30! I was drenched in sweat, that was a killer workout! My silly bone spur is still hurting but I can deal! I am just happy to be able to exercise!

Once I showered and got ready I headed off to the dentist. All is well except for one stupid cavity. Dang. Gotta go back soon for a filling. I hate that!

After coming home from my cleaning, I decided to make lunch!

I had some more BBQ pop chips and a chicken wrap with a ton of veggies!  It was so good!

6.3 015

I spy some avocado hummus on the bottom! So filling and nutritious!

My afternoon snack was a banana and peanut butter! I love me some PB!

6.3 014This little cutie helped me with some laundry today!

6.3 017

The guard of the clean clothes!! He loves to help and drag socks down the hall… he is too cute to scold.

As long as the weather holds up tonight I am going to go for a walk and talk with one of my best girlfriends tonight! We walk for exercise and talk and catch up with each other because it is good for the soul!

What are you doing tonight? Anyone else watching the Bachelorette?!


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