Spark went for a ride!

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday! I hope you are all having wonderful days! Did you like the smoothie!?!
Last night, little Spark had to go to the vet for a check up! I held him on the ride there and we had a little photo shoot!
photo (604)
So vicious!
photo (605)
Thinking really hard about the ice cream he gets for a treat after…
photo (603)
Happy boy!!!
After his appointment, we headed to dairy queen to get spark his vanilla “cream” as we call it for him! We jsut grabbed subway for convenience since it was right there! Turkey baby!
photo (602)
I just cleaned around the house last night and did some laundry! I had to go to bed early for a meeting in the morning!
Since time was of the essence today, breakfast had to be fast. I premeasured out a cup of my Trader Joes 9 Grain Crunch Cereal, the Honey Almond Flax variety. I also added 1T of sliced almonds for some staying power! I topped this whole bowl with unsweetened almond milk and wa-la! Breakfast accomplished!
photo (601)
Lunch today was anther chicken wrap and a side of whole grain pretzels.
photo (600)
For snacks today, I had a greek yogurt and cherries!
photo (599)
Since I have done week 2 of Ripped in 30 twice this week, I decided today would be a good rest day from it. I did 40 minutes on the elliptical instead!!
Tonight I am heading to Mike’s to hang out! Have a great night everyone!

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