Spark Sitting

Tonight I am Spark Sitting!
This poor little trouper has been so sick this week. He was just diagnosed with colitis and has been so pathetic!
photo (606)
 The lil man lost almost 1.5 pounds in a day, poor baby! He definitely was not into taking any pictures today.
Last night, we headed to Mike’s parents house for dinner! It was so good to see them! I didn’t take any pictures, but dinner was delicious! Try to imagine it! We had grilled chicken, steamed zucchini, corn on the cob, long grain rice and green beans! SO SO SO GOOD!  It was so nice to hang out and catch up with them!
We came home very full and decided to relax on the couch with an episode of Mad Men from this week!
I got a great night’s sleep and once I was up I was ready to seize the day! I had a great big cup of coffee that helped too! I am thinking I may treat myself to some iced coffee soon though! Tomorrow is free donut day at Dunkin, but I definitely don’t need the donut! I better wait until the weekend!
This morning I started my day with cereal again, boy this is easy! I had TJ’s cereal, a banana, and sliced almonds all topped with almond milk!
photo (609)
Lunch today was a great big salad!
photo (608)
I had an orange, pretzels, and a greek yogurt as well!
Around four I had some peanut butter, I guess I needed more fat in my lunch!
photo (607)
I feel ready and rejuvenated to do Ripped in 30 again! I did 40 minutes of intervals on the bike at lunch! Tonight I will make those crow push ups mine! Here we go!! Have a great Thursday night friends!! I will be hanging with the patient!

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