Take me back to Nashville! (and a yummy stir-fry!)

Last night I had a very relaxing night Spark Sitting!
I started off with Ripped in 30! Killer I say! I knew the harder I worked the sooner I could have a delicious dinner!
I made myself quinoa and TJ’s Shrimp Stirfry! Look how delicious!
6.6 001
I added a little soy sauce, but other than that, I loved it! It cooked a lot and I definitely couldn’t eat it all!
6.6 002
After dinner, I started meal prep like I do every night to prepare meals for the following day at work!
2 ingredient pancakes were on the menu for my Friday breakfast so I got to cookin!
6.6 0046.6 005
It felt so nice to get that out of the way and be done in the kitchen! Before I finished, I decided to roast up some veggies for snacking this week!
6.6 003
I relaxed on the sofa for most of the evening and watched the movie 10 Years with Channing Tatum and then I watched the Encore of the CMT awards, take me back to Nashville!!!!!!!!! I made such fun memories there! I love the music and the southern charm! I want to make that trip again someday!
I had plans of working out before work again but the rainy morning made those extra 40 minutes seem like they should be spent in bed under a pile of pillows and blankets. How can I become a morning exerciser?!?!??!?!
Spark decided to do the DVD with me this afternoon!
photo (610)
Tonight I am getting a manicure and going out to dinner with one of my best girlfriends! I am so excited! What color should I get?!

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