Chinese Food and RAIN

What a dreary Monday it is in Baltimore! Rain, Rain Go AWAY!
I better suck it up though, the 5 day forecast doesn’t look much different! I am glad I have indoor workouts planned!!
Last night, after a brief shopping trip, I went to see Mike! We ran some errands together and just hung out! So nice!
We debated for a long time on what to make for dinner and ended up deciding on ordering Chinese carryout! Easy! We both got steamed chicken and mixed veggies with rice and sauce on the side. For portion control, we shared one sauce and didn’t finish! Hey! We have the beach for 2 weeks in under a month!!!
photo (624)
I ended up liking it a lot! I didn’t feel like it was a “diet” meal and I stopped eating when I was comfortably full!
After dinner, we rented Identity Thief on Demand. It was cute and funny! I wouldn’t watch it again though!
Breakfast today was Ezekiel Toast with a banana and PB. I got this toast because it is so full of nutrition, but it is really dense and hard to chew. I will continue to keep an open mind though!
photo (623)
This breakfast held me full very well! During my break, I did some ab work and 30 minutes on the bike!
Lunch today was a wrap you saw a lot of last week! Still trying to use up all the ingredients! Pop chips on the side from TJ’s!
photo (622)
My afternoon snack was carrots and light ranch to switch it up some!
photo (621)
I start week 3 of Ripped in 30 today… yikes….I also have plans to go to yoga on Tuesday and Thursday after work! I am loving yoga, I don’t know why I struggle with keeping it consistent!
What is your workout today?

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