Last night after work I went straight to yoga. I am loving it! It is so relaxing and really uses muscles that I am not used to working! Hello

After class, I headed home to make dinner while I blogged and checked emails. I had a veggie burger and sweet potato! It was delicious!

6.10 001

While, taking the pictures of my dinner, my mom and I noticed a HUGE  bunny in the back yard- no kidding it was bigger than Spark!

6.12 003

These pictures don’t do it justice!

6.12 001

We did what any other normal person would do and tossed the mega  rabbit more food! Carrots anyone?!

6.12 004

It was a rabbit filled evening! We headed to my grandparent’s house after that and let Sparky chase rabbits around their big back yard
with my dad!

photo (629)

Spark was pooped after! He had so much fun chasing them though, who knew he was so fast!

photo (628)

Don’t worry he didn’t catch any and no rabbits were hurt in the making of this post! hehe! We had an early father’s day celebration with Boston Cream Pie (I had half a slice) since my grandmother is leaving on a cruise this weekend and this was a time we could all be together! So good to be with family!

Breakfast this morning was more toast– I have to use up the bread before I go away this weekend!

photo (626)

For lunch, I made a delicious salad with a side of a sweet potato half! This was a very satisfying meal!

photo (625)

Today I took a break from Ripped in 30 and did the elliptical for 40 minutes. My triceps thanked me! I am so busy tomorrow evening to prep
for my weekend trip to NYC (OMG SO EXCITED)… so I am planning on doing 30 minutes of yoga before work and Ripped in 30 as soon as I get
home before I run a few last minute errands. I can’t wait!

What are you doing tonight?


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