Crazy Storms!!

The weather in Baltimore has been wild today! From sun to black ominous skies… it has been interesting! I am so glad I am home safe now rather than driving through it anymore!!! Stay safe East Coast Friends!!!

Breakfast today was a total SHOCK! TOAST!! OMG! (HA!)

photo (631)

I wasn’t very hungry this morning so later in the day I had a banana and peanut butter for a morning snack!

photo (630)This kept me full for most of the day since I worked through lunch, I didn’t eat until about 1 and even then I wasn’t very hungry!
Lunch was a delicious veggie burger (I need to buy more!!) and half of a sweet potato! SO good!

photo (627)

Tonight I have a bunch of errands to run! I am heading to yoga now! Have a wonderful night everyone!!


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