Attitude is everything…

As a runner for years, facing an injury where I couldn’t run was very difficult for me metally and physically. I didn’t want to lose any
fitness and I really feared gaining weight. Since the bone spur on the top of my foot is there until I choose to have it removed, I have
decided to make the most of this! I focused on what I CAN do, not on what I can’t. It is so funny that life is full of situations like
this, it is what you make of them that counts and how you handle them that makes you a stronger person. I am so blessed in so many ways and
this is just a bump in the road!

I love being active and I am very health conscious. I strive to live in a balanced lifestyle and maintain my fitness. But, I do enjoy
splurges as well such as a nice glass of wine or a nacho here and there! I think that as long as I enjoy those things in moderation, my
lack of running will not be affected. In fact, I am daring to challenge myself to become even healthier without it in my life!

I found while running, I craved more carbs and even tended to be a little softer. Now that I am not running, I have much less of an
appetite and I am more conscious about what I put in to FUEL my body.

Attitude is everything and I know with the right attitude and good intentions as well as with a solid effort, I can still improve my
fitness and maintain a healthy lifestyle no matter what I do!

So, without further ado, I challenge you! What CAN you do! What makes you a more active and healthy person in the face of adversity? See
what I CAN do!


  • Choose to eat more wholly and healthfully
  • Bike
  •  Do strength training- show me the muscles!!
  • Do low/non impact exercises such as yoga which really center me.
  • Before, I never felt like I got in a good workout unless if was at least 60 minutes of cardio. Now I have been shown that it is not the
    case. I get really sore from yoga and it really helps me unwind after a long day at the office and an even worse commute. I want to develop
    my practice and get that yoga bod!
  • Enjoy long walks
  • Modify Circuit Training exercises. I have been doing the Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 DVD for 3 weeks now. It is such a killer workout. Whenever something starts to hurt my hoof I simply modify the exercise so that it doesn’t, don’t worry, Jillian still kicks my ass. Plus this entire workout is complete with strength and abs (which I
    always avoid) in less than 30 minutes.

What is your attitude towards fitness and what CAN you do!?


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