NYC Weekend Recap

Hey guys!
I am back from the big apple and it was rough getting back into a routine with Father’s Day to come back to (full of indulgent eats!!)

Friday night:
Arrived in NYC and met up with my friend Steph from college! We dropped off my bags at her apartment and immediately went out for dinner and drinks! It was nearly 8 at that point and I was starving! We went to an adorable Sports Bar on the upper east side, but I don’t remember the name! Whoops! After dinner, we came back to the apartment and caught up for a while over mini-cupcakes that Steph picked up! How cute are they!?! They were seriously delicious!

photo (651)

I had to try the signature PB&J!!

photo (650)

The next morning, we got up and picked up bagels for our travels! I loved this cute little house near her apartment that we passed en route to the Subway!!

photo (649)

Our first stop of the day was the Highline! We walked on the converted old train tracks and admired the art, architechture, and views of the

photo (641)

It was such a cool experience!

photo (648)photo (647)photo (646)

Once we finished the walk, we stopped in the meat packing district for some shopping.

photo (640)

Tory Burch anyone?! I love my new bag. Seriously obsessed.

We passed the hotel of the Kardashian’s and I had to snap a picture.

photo (645)

Next, we stopped into Chelsea Market to check it out. Neither of us had ever been so it was fun to window shop and see the cool eateries!

photo (644)

I even spotted some Baltimore love in there! Go O’s!

photo (643)

After exploring the market for a while, we decided we wanted to go grab a lunch in the area and definitely wanted to sit outside!

I loved seeing so much going on in the sunny day!

photo (642)

We ate a a restaurant called Gaslight. We split some bruchetta and a sandwich and of course, chatted it up!

After going back to shower and freshen up, we headed back downtown in the evening!

photo (639)

Little Italy it was!!

photo (638)

I had the most delicious pasta! It was fresh parpadelle and mushrooms in a pink sauce!

photo (637)

We also had some wine, lots of wine.. 🙂

In the morning I got ready and we parted ways. I was bummed to go but I had to come back to be with my daddio on Father’s Day!! 🙂

Steph had to leave a little earlier than be so I explored the upper east side before 8. It is just beautiful when the streets are so
quiet! I stopped at a café and had an egg on a whole wheat bagel to get me through the morning! I loved people watching while I was up!

photo (636)

I also passed some fruit stands, I didn’t buy anything though!

photo (635)

On the way home I rested and listened to some throwback jams on my iPod. It was nice and easy!

I went out with my family for lunch and had a grilled chicken wrap!
For dinner we had crabs! “Crabs and football, it’s what Maryland does!!”

photo (634)

I hope you all had lovely weekends! I am already anxious for another trip to New York! Thank you so much for a wonderful girl’s weekend
Steph!!!! 🙂


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