Busy Days!

Hi Friends!!

How are you? Happy Wednesday! My week has been great so far but very busy! Isn’t it funny how we expect things to slow down in the summer and yet they just seem to add on?! Love it though!

This week I have been doing the Week 4 workouts from Ripped in 30! Thank you Jillian, my shoulders have never been more sore! πŸ™‚

Yesterday, before work I got up again in the hour of 5 to get Ripped! I hurried around after my workout to make sure I got to work on time!
Luckily I had prepared oatmeal for my breakfast once I got there, I just heated it up!

photo (659)

I got some fresh vegetables on Monday so I have been trying to incorporate a lot of them into my meals this week! Bright salads with
every meal!

photo (658)

For lunch yesterday, I had TJ’s Mac and Cheese (reduced guilt).

photo (657)
In the afternoon, I had a protein packed snack of greek yogurt and sliced almonds! So creamy and filling!

photo (656)

I had an event for a friend last night so right after work, I swung home and ate my dinner from yesterday’s recipe, all I changed was that I added a half cup of whole wheat (leftover) pasta to satisfy my carb craving!

photo (655)

I didn’t arrive home until after 9 last night so I quickly got my meals prepped for the next day. Making my whole casserole the other
day made this really easy! It was a cook once, eat 5 times meal! Convenient! I also spoke on the phone with my mom! She is on a
business trip and ran into Mike Ditka at his restaurant! The picture is dark, but she went right up to him! She said he was a doll!!!

photo (654)

Today I was so sore when I awoke. I considered yoga but quickly decided on 30 more minutes of sleep! Whoops! I made sure to do 35
minutes of intervals on the bike at lunch though!!

Today’s eats!
Breakfast- Oatmeal

photo (653)

Lunch- Salad and still yummy leftovers, I added some soy sauce this time for a variation!

photo (652)

I hope you all have Wonderful Wednesday nights!


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