Needing some variety!

Hey guys! How is your Thursday going?

Last night, I got to Mike’s house after work and we immediately left to go shopping to get his mom’s birthday present! If she is reading now, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Once we found exactly what he was looking for, we walked around Target for a bit! I love that store, I could meander and spend way too much time and money in there!! Whoops!

Apparently birthday shopping works up an appetite?! We knew we wanted salads but wanted something with a flare, so to CHIPOTLE we went! We  even got to sit outside and eat in the beautiful weather we had last night! Warm with a lovely breeze! I completely forgot to snag a picture of my meal, but I had lettuce, chicken, mild, medium, and corn salsas, as well as guacamole to top me off! It was a great dinner! I am glad I didn’t get the beans this time, they always make me over-full!

Following dinner, we came home, I got to wrapping the gifts and we watched a few TV shows! My dessert was a freeze pop! Grape!!! photo (660) I had a nice breakfast this morning of Ezekiel toast and coffee!!

photo (661)

It is amazing what a great night of sleep can do for you, I didn’t feel like I “needed” the caffeine today but it was a fun treat!

photo (662)

I am going to spare you another picture of my lunch today as it was a complete repeat of yesterday. Expect something different tomorrow, I am getting sick of this meal! Variety is the SPICE OF LIFE (anyone ever hear Tony from P90X say that whenever you see it too?)

I didn’t work out during my lunch break today because there was a lot of work to be done. I had to leave to get a filling,  BOO 😦

After getting my cavity taken care of, I came home and whizzed through Ripped in 30! I wanted to hurry because I wanted to get to another yoga class for the week! 2 down 1 more to go! YAY!

Since tomorrow is Friday, I am making myself get up and do the final workout of Ripped in 30 before work. By Friday nights I have no motivation to exercise….. only to make margaritas… hehe! Have a great night!


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