Happy First Day of Summer!

FRIDAY! Thank goodness! Happy first day of summer too! I am going to celebrate that with a skinny mango margarita tonight!!! 🙂

Last night Yoga was fantastic! The instructor brought out the bands and we worked on a lot of flexibility! It is a much slower paced and
flow-y class. I definitely relax and center myself. Who doesnt’ need that!! When I leave I am so at peace, I need that every day! I am such
a worry wart! I love how my instructer mentioned that worry is a waste of time. She told us to trust the universe and that if the issue was
not a problem that could be fixed on the mat, it isn’t something worth wasting time over! Cool right? It definitely stuck with me! So zen.

After class, I met up with my mom and we ran some errands! We also stopped at Subway for dinner! Always a win in my book!

photo (666)

We got home kind of late so I just relaxed and read the new People magazine to unwind and hit the sack!

I told you I would switch up my breakfast today and I definitely did! I had an egg beater sandwich wiht mashed avocado for some healthy fats!
This was awesome!!

photo (665)

For lunch today I had this Kashi meal! It was a delicious chicken enchilada with rice pilaf and I had a salad with more mashed avocado
as the dressing! So freaking yummy!!

photo (664)

I had a hankering for some chocolate this afternoon and luckily I keep a stockpile of healthy snacks at work! I had a Fiber 1 chocolate chip
cookie brownie thing. It definitely squashed that craving for only 90 calories!

photo (663)

Tonight I want to sit on the patio and drink my margarita and enjoy this beautiful Baltimore weather! I have to be outside, it is the
first day of summer after all!!

PS… I finished all 4 weeks of Ripped in 30! We got a new DVD that we are going to give a whirl tomorrow! I will let you know what I think!
These things are just so darn convenient! Thanks for bringing the gym to my house Jillian!!! You ROCK.


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