Mango Margarita!

Hey all! I hope you are having a really fun Saturday! I have had a great one!!

Last night, I made mango margaritas! They were so easy too! All you need to do is add frozen mango chunks, ice cubes and premade Skinnygirl margarita into a blender! Piece of mango cake!!

photo (670)

We had an easy dinner on the patio with drinks! Pizza and steamed shrimp! So good!!

photo (671)

I got up today and made a filling breakfast before my yoga class. It was warm and comforting!

photo (669)

Yoga today was really cool! We did a lot of moon salutations which I had never done before, I am sure my thighs will be screaming tomorrow!

I followed yoga up with 20 minutes on the elliptical to get some sweat going!

I hurried home to shower because Mike and I were heading to the movies to see World War Z!

We grabbed lunch at the Wegman’s salad bar which was awesome (but SUPER expensive… definitely a bummer!).

photo (668)

… and we got the necessary movie candy!

photo (667)I really liked the movie- it was definitely suspenseful and of course fun to watch with Brad Pitt as the lead! We would definitely recommend it!!

Have a great evening everyone!!


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